Headaches occur in all ages and walks of life.


There are many types of headaches from sinus to migraines to toxic, to the most common type, the tension or ‘stress’ headaches.

A headache is a warning sign which most people ignore. 


The joints and nerves in the upper neck, the muscles of the upper shoulder and the muscles of the TM joint, the jaw, are three areas that are keys to headache pain.




The majority of the pain begins in the back of the head and upper neck. It can be mild or the pain can be so extreme it can cause nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light and sound.


The pain can be sporadic or frequent and those with extreme conditions, this can be daily.


Chiropractors do not prescribe medications or recommend surgery but instead have success in relieving the pain. The ability of the Chiropractor is in adjusting the spinal abnormalities to lessen the forces that are contributing to the headache pain. Other techniques such as massage and heat therapy can also be a remedy. ( each treatment is subject to an intensive Chiropractic examination )



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