The vertebrae are the bony building blocks of our spine.

Between each of the largest vertebrae are the discs. The spine is ‘stacked’ together to provide a moveable support structure while also protecting the spinal cord.

The Discs serve as ‘pads’ and look like ‘jelly doughnuts’  between the vertebral bodies to minimise the impact of movement on the spinal column.

As the disc degenerates either from age or injury, the softer central portion can rupture ( herniate ). It is most like to be in the low back where the disc ruptures as our body takes the most strain and weight from twisting and turning as we flex and extend while bending and lifting.




These can range from back pain, leg pain, excessive weakness in the legs and abnormal function of the lower extremities.

Treatments can range from chiropractic therapy to extremely invasive action, such as back surgery however it is good to try a chiropractor first to begin correcting the pain and gaining relief for your spine in the future. Most surgeons will recommend this conservative care first and foremost as back surgery is an aggressive treatment. ( each treatment is subject to an intensive Chiropractic examination )



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