Hip Pain is the discomfort in or around the hip joint, where the upper end of the thigh bone fits into the socket of the hip bone. This can be due to degeneration, injury or inflammation in the muscles, bones, joints and tendons located in the hip area.




Muscle spasms and strains will show. There is possible groin, buttock or thigh pain when you wake up in the morning.


Interestingly enough pain over the knee can be the main presenting symptom of hip pain too. The pain is usually worse with activity, especially weight bearing activity such as walking and it can also feel worse with cold weather.

The extreme is where the foot turns outwards due to restricted hip movement and therefore the thigh and knee wants to too.


As a Chiropractor we will examine your back, knee, ankle and foot as all these areas can influence the hip problem. We can then target areas and improve movement of the joint, strengthening weakened muscles and give advice on lifestyle and exercise.( each treatment is subject to an intensive Chiropractic examination )




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