Middle Back Pain is not as common as  neck pain or pain in the lower back because this area of the spine is not bent as often as the rest of the back.


Most middle spine pain is really a muscular pain. Too much exercise can strain the muscles and ligaments that give stability to the back. This is also common with people who have just started working out and tried lifting weights that are too heavy.

This can also be because of a traumatic injury.




It is possible that a nerve gets pinched between the shoulders and this can result in radiating pain or feeling numb in your fingers however most likely causes of Middle Back Pain are muscular.


As a chiropractor we find it is very common for a lower back misalignment, or in some cases, a lower neck misalignment that has helped cause the mid back pain. Remember, the spine works as a unit. ( each treatment is subject to an intensive Chiropractic examination )  



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