LESKUPU means ‘Little boy who runs everywhere’ in Zulu and was the birthname of our Chiropractor, Dr Brett Gibbens, when he lived in Swaziland as a boy.

We currently contract to Roodlane Medical Group and ISEH but provide private consultations.




Brett Gibbens has a BSc(Hons) in Sports Science and graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic with MChiro.


Bretts emphasis has been on treating all aspects of injuries but more importantly on how one can “pre-hab” sportsmen, in order to prevent injuries happening in the first place, something which all clubs aim to achieve.


In his field he specialises in all extremities: leg and arm pain, disc bulges/prolapses, tension type headaches, tennis & golfers elbow, functional scoliosis, muscle strains and tendon/ligament sprains to repetitive strain injuries, joint dysfunctions and a variety of neck and back conditions. His treatment plans range from all forms of soft tissue work; IASTM, dry needling, MET, spinal manipulative therapy to rehabilitation and strengthening programs and providing customised functional orthotics.


MEDICAL BIOGRAPHY                                                              SPORTS BIOGRAPHY
Chiropractor                                                                                 Team Europe - Softball ( Player and Medic )
IASTM Lead Instructor - UK & Europe                                     Team GB - Softball ( Player and Medic )
CCEP - Certified Extremeties Practitioner                               London Irish RFC ( Player )
Rock Tape Specialist                                                                   Old Sullians RFC ( Head Coach )
FAKTR Instructor                                                                          Sussex County Cricket ( Player )


Preventative          Pro-Active           Proven

Monday -  Friday     8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday                  Closed
Sunday                     Closed


For Private Appointments: 0044 7540 637 496

General Enquiries:               info@leskupu.com





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