The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and is often affected by problems that limit the range of movement in the joint. The most common causes of shoulder pain include shoulder disorders such as Frozen shoulder, Rotator Cuff disorders and Shoulder instability.




There are many symptoms to Shoulder Pain.


Your shoulder can start to ache and feel stiff, and then can become very painful. The pain is often worse at night or when you lie on the affected side.


Tendonitis is when the pain is sudden and is worse during activities that involve your arm being above shoulder level.

 Impingement: the pain tends to be chronic, and is usually worse during overhead activities and at night.


A Tear: the pain is usually over the front and outer area of your shoulder, and some people feel a clicking sensation and there is shoulder instability where you feel as if you have a ‘dead arm’.


The treatment of shoulder pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Therefore, it is important for us, to accurately diagnose the problem before any treatment can start.  ( each treatment is subject to an intensive Chiropractic examination )



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