The SIJ’s are located at the bottom of the back. You have one either side of the spine. The main causes are that the cartilage can get damaged or worn away and therefore the bones begin to rub on each other. You can also get Degenerative Arthritis within the SI Joint.


However another cause is through pregnancy where the woman’s body allows the ligaments to relax. With the additional weight and different walking pattern, this can place additional stress on the SI Joints. This can also been seen in an overweight person. Anything that alters the normal walking pattern places increased stress on the SI Joints.




The pain is located either to the left or right of your lower back. The pain radiates from the groin area although people often feel muscle spasm in one or both of their buttocks muscles. The pain can then radiate down the leg all the way to the foot.


As a Chiropractor, we will be able to get your comfortable quicker but it is important to remember that the ligaments might not be fully healed even if the pain has subsided. From reducing the inflammation to improving mobility the treatment and frequency is dependant on the severity of the pain. ( each treatment is subject to an intensive Chiropractic examination )




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